A well trained dog offers exceptional companionship, giving you and your family many years of enjoyment, trust and shared pleasures starting with a Behavior Evaluation at your convenience. Our Board and Train, Private Lessons and Diverse Method go beyond mainstream obedience training, this will challenge you and your dog's true ability as work as a team together. In overall, obedient attitude will be developed. 

IMPORTANT: Due to the increase of business and high demand for our programs, we provide a pre-registration form for owners to fill out and expedite the behavior assessment appointment. This MUST be filled out before your first appointment. We will contact you with in 24 hrs. Thank you and look for forward working with you and your dog!

Not only do we offer obedience and behavior modification, but a whole community of the dog world. Dogs are important parts of our lives, so we need to make sure that readily information is at the tips of you fingers. Dog adoptions, health, dog training information, puppy training and management. It's all every useful to know it's here for you at any time. With the pictures and links above, you will find this. Most trainers either don't have this for them or don't care. Here at NW Dog Pros we have a truly "open arms" approach by educating the owners and NOT making them feel intimidated, over whelmed or confused. Dog training is NOT a secret, it is NOT a science and it should NOT be taken for granted. We literally walk you and your dog (s) through a successful, guaranteed program and never leave any dog behind, if it takes 100 lessons before they get it. And that's where our diverse training methods come into play. We will use any training tools, method and time it takes to get you what you need for your dog. 
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Read how clients are happy with the Board & Train program, Private Lessons and Puppy Management helped them get a better handle on their dogs!
Grab some tissue and read how Aisha Touray started her long journey of becoming a full time dog trainer on top of a veterinary technician.
You want a qualified trainer and behavior consult on your side, make sure that person has the academic and hands on-experience. Read how Aisha has dedicated both for you and your dog!

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  • Positive Punishment

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Coco & Ziggy on down/stay in front of real life distractions. Both these puppies are 5 months old. We use positive rewards to build confidence.
There are several methods for training a dog. But what method is right for you? Here at NW Dog Pros we use a Diverse Method utilizing positive motivation with the right balance of structure. There is no just one way to train obedience or modify behavior, so by conducting a Behavior Assessment at your home is the first step. here are several methods for training a dog. But what method is right for you? 
Dog Training Facts

What is dog training?
 Dog training or dog obedience is when teaching a dog and owner a series of commands (sit, down, stay, heel & come) to properly behave at home and in public. Depending on the dog's personality will determine what method will work on the dog and for the owner. Just like us, not one size fits all. With new research coming out every year, we are learning more and more about how animals learn and motivate their teachings.

Why do I need dog training?
​Dog training isn't just about making your dog look good, though it is cool. It's about bonding, safety, and most of all...the dog does need it. We "made" these dogs. They all had a purpose hundreds of years ago (herding, protection, drafting, ratting) but now they live in our homes, we need to give them something to do....listen to us!

How do I know this will work?
After a behavior evaluation, we will know what steps to take and method to use to make sure you and your dog are successful in the training and modification. We don't believe in Pass or Fail classes. A good student has a good teacher. Your training reflex on us! We will make sure you will succeed!
Dog Training Truths

Why so many dog aren't getting trained:
​The sad truth, is because some people would rather get rid of the problem than take responsibility. Pet ownership is something not taken lightly. It's a dedication. The pet is dedicated to that person, that person should take 20 minutes a day to train the dog. 

Waiting until there is a problem:
​Over 60% of our phone calls are for behavior modification. Obedience is key to prevent these issues in the first place. Some people either think the dog will learn on it's own, by another dog or learn "naturally". A few simple, effective steps can resolve issues before they happen. 

The reputation of large dogs:
​Some may think that large dogs could be hard to handle, which is just the opposite if the dog is trained at an early age so he doesn't throw his weight around. They were mostly designed for a particular job, so most of the time obedience and a small job could make the dog behave just fine.

The reputation of small dogs:
Smalls dogs have a reputation of beginning annoying, for a reason. Some owners have a bad habit of just picking up the dog, or putting the dog away if it misbehaves. And we all know what happens, so it's best to train no matter what size.
The Commands in Dog Training

Focus: This is the first command to get your dog's attention starting in a low distraction area and accumulating the time he/she stares at you in the eyes. This is an important command to get the heel, come and short distance stay.

Sit: The sit command is the easiest but a stepping stone for chaining commands. It can be used for sit-down, sit-stay, sit-stand. It also helps manners in public or when company comes over. It's hard for a dog to jump in the sitting position.

Down: Not only will this command important for behavior reasons, but it helps "relax" and learn to make better decisions for themselves. This is the first stepping stone for the stay command. It also helps dogs with confidence issues as well. 

Stay: Not only does the stay command look nice, it can be a safety issue as well. In public, your yard, in the house, rooms off limits. Stay is the go-to command for those either simple or challenging times.

Heel: Not only is loose leash important, but wouldn't it be nice for your dog to know how to walk next to you and not greet everyone in town. Not everyone wants to pet a dog, so heeling next to you either down your street or in town, it's important.

Come: The #1 command most people have issues with is the come command. When not taught with motivation and discipline, it can be a safety issue. Not every breed or dog responds to a treat, most have a drive they instinctively can't control. This command is taught after the Focus and Stay command to develop respect.
Operant Conditioning
(Think of Skinner)
Classical Conditioning 
(Think of Pavlov)
(Correction & praise)
Want to make you dog stop or start a behavior or command, learning what this can help. Reinforcement, punishment and & extinction are the 3 basics that fall in this area. 
By learning what Classical Conditioning will help you understand how to teach them and why they learn this way. It's more of a natural way for a dog to learn vs forcing them. 
Whether it's a correction or a treat, your dog needs to understand right from wrong. That is the way dogs learn. By having an equal balance of both will make life MUCH easier!
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Formerly known as Satz Dog Obedience
Winston & Robert walking thru Pike Place. 2 months before, this was impossible!